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Why Learning History Helps With Gaming

Nope, I’m not talking about gaming history. I’m talking about real history history.

Personally I’ve got my own interests for History, nothing specific really I’m fine with warfare, myths and the sort but sometimes I find myself randomly browsing websites clicking on links as I gradually get more and more off topic to what I was originally reading about.

Or you could just send your troops straight at the enemy, that could work too.

Let’s take the Total War games as an example, Real Time Strategy games where warfare tactics play an important role in gameplay. I used to play a lot of Total War: Rome with a friend of mine and I remember reading about Shaka Zulu (Thanks Civilisation V) and his Buffalo Horn tactics. Essentially he revitalised the classic warfare strategies of Africa which involved throwing spears and instead changed this to using, you know normal stabby spears. Additionally he would have the ‘Horns’ of his forces, usually younger and swifter troops to reach out and flank from the sides while the ‘Head’ of his force, basically the core units, would advance while the horns enveloped the enemy. Quite a basic summary but this is basically what I adapted into my gameplay and it ended up working well.

I mean sure, flanking is a part of pretty much every strategy game but now I could say that I was using good ol’ Shaka Zulu’s buffalo horn strategies and sound extra fancy :D.

I won’t go on a crazy long history rant but the message is that history helps with game play, especially the warfare kind, because of all the similarities between them. Psychology plays a role, movement and a lot more. Basically, learn from real life history and apply it to your games. It makes you sound smart and generally helps out.

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Negev-tivity, how about some CS:GO Thoughts

If you don’t know CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) is a competitive game about a team of counter terrorists trying to either prevent terrorists from planting a bomb or rescuing hostages. It’s intense, competitive, relies heavily on teamwork and is extremely tactical. Ah, what am I saying?

So I’ve got this friend, and unlike the majority of people who like buying the AK-47 / M4 or saving their money up for an awp this certain friend likes to buy shotguns constantly to save up for a negev, or failing that he just buys a zeus to eco.  And I will grudgingly admit that he’s pretty good at it. Well, most of the time anyway. Sometimes. It’s about 50:50. More or less.

Ok, sometimes he’ll carry us

Let’s look at it this way. Shotguns are fairly cheap to buy and give relatively high kill rewards, letting you make your money back in a couple kills or so, the zeus (a tazer) is similar. The problem with this is that he’s got almost no ranged strength, which is usually what leads to his downfall. Also the fact that he basically only buys shotguns.

Now let’s get things straight, I’m not hating on the shotgun or zeus, they’re awesome BUT, there is a time and a place. And that time and place is not every round.

Now on to the negev, it’s basically an expensive box which fires out a gazillion bullets in a glorious spray of inaccuracy. Of course, like with any weapon in CS:GO, you can master the weapon after practice. To an extent as the negev is still quite unpredictable. Some moments you may watch (preferably an ally) topple down the entire enemy team in the blink of an eye simply because he pointed his ‘box o’ bullets’ in the right direction and held down the trigger. Other times you may watch a similar scenario, except this time the recoil has bested the player and you watch as a stream of bullets whizz over the heads of your enemies. Doing absolutely nothing whatsoever.

The negev as a whole is pretty awesome, it’s one of the most fun things when you’ve got your entire team equipped with negev and you all just mindlessly sprint around spraying bullets into every corner and (hopefully) winning the round. ‘Cuz if not then you just gave the enemy team free weapons, really expensive free weapons I might add.

Which goes on to another point. Giving a gun to the enemy. The negev is a beast of a gun, when you hold it you feel powerful and in the case of some people they may feel a little too powerful. Just because you’ve got a big gun doesn’t mean you can run headlong at the enemy and not get killed. Please, don’t give the other team a free gun. There’s an embarrassing feeling that accompanies being gunned down by a friendly weapon in enemy hands.

On a final note I will admit, we’ve all got a friend who’s the source of most of our gameplay shenanigans and let’s face it, if we didn’t have that one guy doing his own thing no matter the odds (Or screaming over voice chat) games just wouldn’t be as fun 🙂

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Getting Deep With SpongeBob (Not the Ocean Kind) – IB Theory of Knowledge

I just thought maybe I’d share this bit of (not utter BS at all) information, because why not? Prepare your brains because they are about to get blown. Let me know what you think / if you’ve got any other SpongeBob revelations in the comments.



“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” – Patrick Star

This image, and quote from a scene in SpongeBob SquarePants  represents my associations with imagination, it represents how we view our imaginations as being free and unpredictable but in reality they are constrained by our memories and knowledge. The milk spilling out of the carton represents our interpretations of imagination being free to wander anywhere while the thought bubble represents how, in actuality, our imagination is constrained by our current knowledge as we must know facts or have experienced a scenario to be able to imagine anything derived or similar to these memories or facts. Essentially our imaginations are the opposite of memories, instead of experiencing new things and storing them we are using what we have stored to experience new things, we see this through the fact that the image of milk is contained within the thought bubble.

Furthermore it represents how our imagination can be unreliable, similarly to other WoK this may be caused by a lack of information or misinterpretation. The milk shows us this as it is spilling itself seemingly without any other influences, we know that a milk carton is an inanimate object so such an act should be impossible however we are unaware of any other factors that may have caused the milk to spill. Additionally the image is set in SpongeBob SquarePants, a cartoon where fish can drown in an ocean under the ocean, something that should be impossible according to the facts that we know of currently. Thus this represents how our imagination, like other WoK, can be unreliable or unpredictable depending on what we know as an individual and the memories that we have collected.

Lastly the quote that is said directly before this image appears also reflects my interpretation of imagination and what it represents. Patrick mentions that his own thoughts are a mystery to him, something he doesn’t understand, and to some extent this is what us as humans experience as well. We do not completely understand everything about our brains, minds or thoughts but act, think and live our lives nonetheless. The tablecloth shows us this, the complex pattern represents the complexity of our minds while the presence of flowers, something natural, represents the complexity of natural things, such as our own brains, and our inability to completely understand them, reinforced by the milk spilling across the table cloth obscuring our vision and preventing us from gaining the full picture. However despite our lack of knowledge we can still function properly and accordingly, similar to intuition or how our senses collect information and interpret them as we need.

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Terraria 1.3 – What I Think (Rainbows & Pinkness)

Just look at that image, why wouldn’t you get this game?

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Terraria since the new update and it’s both refreshingly new and familiar at the same time, the first thing I noticed were the pretty new coin animations (Or at least I’m pretty sure it’s a new animation, I haven’t played it in a while) which immediately got me excited for some strange reason.

I should point out that this isn’t a full blown review or critique. Just a little piece of my mind about the game.

As we’ve all seen from news and Terraria’s own site, 1.3 is a huge update that both balances aspects of the game, fixes old bugs and adds in lots of content. What I find great is that they didn’t give us a full list of all the new things in the game, they say it’s so that we can explore and discover these since Terraria is a game about exploring. Either that or they’re just lazy.

In addition to all that they also polished up the multiplayer, meaning it’s now as easy as clicking “Join Game” from your steam friends list rather than having to port forward your IP or use another program like Hamachi. This is definitely one of the better features.

Guess which room I made
Guess which room I made

Gameplay? Nothing too drastic has changed there, I was able to pick up and play completely fine after a year of not playing the game at all. The game still plays the same, it’s just that there’s so much more content to discover now and the great part is even though a lot of it may be familiar, it doesn’t get boring.

Really I’d recommend playing Terraria with a friend (Or two, or ten) as simply having someone else tag along can make the game so much more interesting. In good and bad ways. And that reminds me about expert mode, it’s a difficulty above “normal” and wow it is definetely much, much harder but I think that just makes the game much more fun, and rewarding (You also get extra loot for killing bosses and rare items appear slightly more frequently so there’s that incentive)

Thank’s for reading, that’s all I’ve got for now but so far I’m completely happy with 1.3 :D.

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A Post of Sorts

A (probably) pointless post about current plans.

  • Start up my MC Forums post about making graphics except re purpose it for trailers, trailers on anything really. I find these more interesting/engaging to do than graphics 😀
  • Get active on YouTube again. It’s kind of just sitting there, slowly getting more views and subscribers so, should probably help it along and say sorry for abandoning the channel.

To anyone who might follow the site/channel/forums. Be ready ‘cuz im comin’ back.

YouTube Channel & Minecraft Forums Trailer Thread


Hello World!

Oh… it’s you…

 Goodbye old site, hello new site. Time to start fresh!

Here I post updates on my YouTube channel, blog posts, updates and random thoughts…