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Key Things to Take Into Account When Attempting to Rank Up in Duelyst

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I’ve been in a bit of  Duelyst craze lately. Mainly because of my potato laptop. But the way I see it, if I consistently play a game that I run at 10-20fps then it must be good :D.

First thing you need is practice. Git gud. This one is obvious so I wont spend so much time on it, but the more time you spend playing and experimenting then the better you’ll get and the higher you’ll progress.

Second you’ll need a good deck, and that doesn’t mean an expensive one. It’s completely possible to rank high with a budget deck that you’ve built yourself. With enough practice you can start building your own decks and making your own synergies, you test them out in a match to see what works and what you need. For example, do you keep running out of cards to play? Maybe you need more card draw. Do you consistently find yourself unable to deal with spell-casting or powerful minions? Maybe you should add in some dispel or crowd control. Keep experimenting and changing the deck and eventually you’ll refine it into something that works.

Thirdly, if you’re aiming to rank up then make sure you’re in a good mood. Put on some nice music and sit down and play. Make sure you’re focused on the game and are not distracted by other things. A simple mistake could cost you the entire game.

Also take into account that sometimes you just have good days or bad days. A recent example for me is that I was stuck at rank 12 for two or three days. I hadn’t been able to progress any further. Then, miraculously I was able to score an eighteen game win-streak (humble brag, I’m aware) and rocket to rank 7 in no time at all. Sometimes you just need to get the ball rolling and you’ll be acing matches in no time.

In other news, the new Duelyst expansions is pretty cool, with the fancy new bond cards. This is actually something else I want to bring up. Don’t be afraid of the new expansions, as they’re sure to throw your deck awry as you get countered. You either need to learn how to deal with these new cards, or change your deck so that you are better able to handle the new things being thrown at you. (Or get the cards yourself and give people a taste of their own medicine). Thanks for reading, let me know if I missed anything down below.

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