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D&D Character: Pate the Ambitious

I originally used a different token image, however I think this one fits better: Mild Mannered Pate from Dark Souls. I can’t find the original artist of this piece unfortunately, so let me know if you find them.

Pate is a Lawful good, 18 year old human. He was inspired by an AskReddit thread asking something along the lines of “You’re the NPC the main character meets at town, what quest do you give them?”. Someone said that they would get the character to fetch them super powerful magic weapons and armour, and also to train the NPC so that he could exact revenge upon a dragon. Once the character completes all the quest prerequisites the NPC would walk outside the town gates to approach his foe – a large and deadly dragon. The dragon will then immediately kill the NPC and the character will have to deal with the dragon, receiving the NPC’s equipment as the quest reward if they wished to loot the NPC they spent so much time helping.

Pate the Ambitious, or as my players named him: Pâté. He is an ambitious (duh) 18 year old and adopted son of a famous Half-Red Dragon adventurer named Piotr. He approached the party whilst they were dealing with some goblins that were harassing a nearby town. They’d been dabbling in dark magic, or rather something else had been experimenting on the goblins but they hadn’t realised.

So, Pate approaches our lovely adventuring party and asks them to help him find his father, and to train him along the way. The party was quite sceptical at first but took him on once they found out who his father was, soon discovering that he was completely inept at combat despite his ornate gear. The party barbarian actually took it upon himself to train up young Pate, improving his -10 to hit to -8 quite quickly and it was really great to see the player actually take pride in improving this useless (but ambitious!) NPC’s skills.

I never did write a proper backstory for Pate, so here’s something short I’ve come up with.

Pate was an easily excited child who grew up in an orphanage, the troubles of his youth were unable to penetrate the barrier that was his childish happiness and ignorance. His orphanage was visited by Piotr, a famous Half-Dragon adventurer that was searching for an apprentice. Piotr saw potential within Pate, and adopted him, raising him as one of his own but soon discovering that what Pate lacked in actual skill he made up for in drive and ambition. Unfortunately ambition on its own is not enough for adventuring, and Piotr left Pate to study by himself at an adventurers guild.

Pate is completely aware that he is inept at most things, that doesn’t dissuade him for trying his best at any obstacle he comes across. He wishes to find and please Piotr, proving that he is capable of becoming a real adventurer.

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