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D&D Character: Navg the Pained

My token image: The Sigil-Ridden Navigator from Sunless Sea (It’s an awesome game, go play it)

Hmm, I feel like posting up the characters I come up with for d&d campaigns I play in. Maybe the NPC’s for my own campaign too, it could be interesting. It’ll certainly give me a reason to post more frequently.

Meet Navg the Pained, below you’l find the bio I’ve written up for his Roll20 bio. At the time of this post he’s a 3rd level wizard getting ready to make his way in the world, I didn’t feel like making your usual spell-caster who studies for ages then decides to go adventuring so I came up with this instead. There was something in the world lore about a beast, so that and Over the Garden Wall are what most inspired Navg. He’s sort of got that cliche tragic backstory, but let me know what you think nonetheless.

He’s a diviner wizard, and of course has the Lucky feat. He won’t be failing and dice checks anytime soon.

Aged 28. Lawful Neutral and he’s a bit reclusive. The greatest part is that the DM will be including the ‘beast’ that you’ll see mentioned. We’ll see what I find out about it.

His personality traits:

  • I connect everything that happens to me as leading towards an inevitable fate.
  • If you know yourself, there’s nothing left to know.
  • My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that I wish to destroy, or learn more about.
  • I am always made sad when hearing about another persons childhood.

Navg grew up in the highly religious village of Forln. He was a child filled with happiness that possessed a limitless well of energy and wit, or so he is told.

A great dark beast visited Navg and his friends in the forest one summer afternoon, the children fled, many more we’re eaten. However, Navg was found strewn atop the corpses with a strange sigil tattooed upon his forehead. He could not be woken for many years after that, spending nearly 14 years in a coma.

Aided by magic he was kept alive and eventually awoke at the age of 25 with no recollection of his past. Strangely he appeared to have developed an ability for divination, cursed to see the future but forever robbed of his past.

The villagers immediately sent him to the nearest major city, believing Navg’s gift to be a blessing in disguise. Along his journey’s Navg ended up dropping his last name, believing it belonged to someone else.

Navg travels aimlessly now, believing the sigil to be leading him somewhere. Unsure whether he is driven by revenge or curiousity he is always on watch for the beast that inflicted this fate upon Navg.

As he grows older and more powerful so does the sigil. A black taint that is slowly etching its way across his face. It speaks to him sometimes, writhing its way into his dreams. Offering tantalising scraps of his past and horrid visions of things to come.

I may as well throw in his action descriptions while I’m at it. Full disclosure though, I don’t claim to be a poet or writer, most of this is just for the lols. Take a guess at what each descriptor is meant to be for. My previous character (before the campaign got reworked and we remade characters) was a samurai fighter, that’s the reason for haiku’s :3

Fingers etched in cold,
A frigid blast leaps forward.
A grimace, a corpse.

If only I was
so grossly incandescent.
Like this loving flame.

Eyelids go heavy,
Let the bodies hit the floor.
Sleep tight, sweet cupcakes.

Three flames leap forwards,
Tortured flesh chars and bubbles.
Who’s cooking bacon?

A small and swift blade,
Haha, I’m right behind you.
Stupid, bloody spies.

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